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Arian Lurie aka Ari


Your Backend Queen

Organising and Optimising Businesses

Is My Super Power

My name is Ari

aka The Backend Organisation and Optimisation Queen.

And I'm so happy you ended up here!

Hi there,

I'm a multi-passionate, multi-purposeful woman with a diverse range of experiences across many various fields.

With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, managing bars and restaurants worldwide, and spearheading an NGO aimed at reducing waste in the industry, I've learned how crucial backend organisation and operational optimisation is, if you actually want your business to get somewhere...

So I focused on honing my skills while learning from the best out there.


Later on, I transitioned into the online space following a significant back injury, I started out as a virtual assistant while building up my own coaching business, and quickly realized that this long list of skills I gained could be seamlessly transferred to the digital realm.


My journey also led me to serve as a tech specialist for Google tools, which gave me that extra edge I didn't even know I needed. 

Arian Lurie aka Ari


Once I closed the chapter on my corporate adventure...

A culmination of my expertise tailored to support entrepreneurs who are reshaping our world.

As a fellow business owner, and former business & life coach, I understand the challenges of navigating the online landscape and the importance of streamlining processes for sustainable growth without breaking the bank.

What truly drives me is witnessing the excitement and pure joy of my clients as they receive a high-quality, super-organised, seamlessly designed business, knowing all the ins and outs and ready to reach the next level and beyond. 

I can't yet say I found my purpose in this world, but I know that supporting beautiful businesses like yours that create a positive impact in this world is a pretty good start.

I'm excited to get to know you better & help prepare your business for its next leap forward!


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Working with Ari really accelerated my business and took my online presence to the next level.

Before working together, I was allergic to building landing pages and felt so paralyzed by the sheer volume of different platform providers -

I didn't know which to choose and didn't want to "get it wrong".  

Ari is an expert in building a successful business and creating mechanics that work in your favor and feel super streamlined & easy to use.

Because she handles so many other successful service providers' business operations, she knows how to navigate any roadblock and is kind + funny to boot.

Absolutely work with Ari - she'll save you time AND money!!!!

Martha Pierce

Intuitive Marketing & Ads Strategies

Working with Ari is working with the most professional person out there.
Every person who enters the website admires it.
And most importantly, I admire it every time I look at it!
Arian doesn't only build and design websites, she manages the entire development of the website at the same time as the development of the business.

Creatively and accurately for the needs of the situation.

She solves problems that come up and simplifies the situation.  🙏👑

Vered Perry

Curator of Make It Heal

Ari is pure magic when it comes to streamlining your backend.

She is reliable, dependable & the go to girl with all things systems, processes, and automation.

I highly recommend and fully stand behind all that she does in her business.

Malaine Lea Butler

The Alignment Queen

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