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  • How do we start?
    Easy! First, we jump on the free intro call (you can book it Right Here) Once we decide to work together, you will receive a questionnaire where you can write down everything you need and dream of. We will then set up our first work call (1 hour long) where we can go over your customised plan. Once that is settled, I will dive right into setting everything up for you, keeping you updated on a weekly (or daily if needed) as we go.
  • How long will it take?
    This depends on your business needs, the plan we make, and the delivery of the *necessary information on your side. As a rule, projects are planned to be finished in a 2-month max timeframe, unless there are agreed-upon exceptions. *See the - "What information do I need to provide?" section
  • What information do I need to provide?
    The services given are focused on building, designing, planning & optimising all your backend systems according to your needs. The information you will need to provide depends on the services you choose, and could include: Website & Email Marketing Copy - I do not write copy, but I can help optimise it on request. Images - I'm happy to provide general & vibe images, but you will need to provide high-quality self portraits, product images, or any other unique images you would like to be shown. Logins - this again depends on the services you choose, but often you will need to provide me with either logins or access to different platforms in order to connect them and streamline processes.
  • What happens when the project is done?
    Once we reach that happy day when you receive your shiny new backend, you will receive: A Handover Guide (in video format) that you can always refer to. A Final Call (1 hour long) where we will go over all the systems, how to work with them, and answer all your questions. 1 Month Telegram Access to ask questions that might come up and get assistance. I really do care about my clients and their success, which is why I work in a way that truly sets you up to win!
  • Why don't you show prices on the website?
    Simply because each of my clients has a unique business and situation, and different needs. That's why I prefer to tailor the right package for you once we've had our intro call.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    You will be required to pay a deposit on packages higher than €150. Once we've agreed on your package and you've signed the agreement, you will be asked to pay a deposit fee before the work starts. The rest of the payment will be done according to your unique agreement.
  • Can I do a payment plan?
    Payment plans are an option but are only applied for packages higher than €700. However, for packages lower than €700, the deposit will always count as the first payment that will be deducted from the final payment.
  • What is the price range?
    Projects start at €150 and can go up to €5,000. Depending on your business needs.
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