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The Packages



Perfect for humans that need to free up more time

We all get it – social media is a must for a marketing plan that brings in the crowds and leads.

But who's got time to reply to every message and comment? When you're running the show, every second of the day is precious.

With a gazillion social networks out there, staying on top can be a real juggle.

If that sounds like your daily grind, say hello to The Automator.

Let's give you back some breathing room so you can focus on what really counts.


Perfect for humans that need a fresh backend startup

Does your backend resemble a cluttered attic?

Let's spruce it up!

This package focuses on whipping your backend into shape.

We'll handle the dirty work with a thorough cleanup and fresh setup, including automation, website review, game-plan strategy, and seamless integrations between platforms and all moving parts.

Say goodbye to the digital cobwebs and hello to a streamlined operation!


Perfect for humans who know what they want

But aren't sure where to start

Ready to turn your dreams into digital reality but don't know where to start?

Fear not, because the Dream Initiator Package is here to kickstart your journey!


Ideal for small to medium business owners with big ambitions but a limited relationship with tech...

We'll craft a master plan, set up your systems, design a stunning website, and seamlessly integrate everything. Everything.


Consider this package your ticket to digital success – we'll handle the heavy lifting while you focus on bringing your vision to life!


Perfect for humans that need to shake things up

How about a little mix and match action?

After all, our goal is to simplify your life and improve your unique operation, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

We can't do that without the right plan!

So let's shake things up and tailor a plan that fits you to a tee!


Perfect for humans that are ready to take the leap

This package is designed for medium to large businesses ready to conquer the online realm and optimise backend operations.

We'll take your existing website to the next level with expert improvement and design services, or build it all up from the ground to fit exactly where you're heading.

Plus, we'll supercharge your workflows and show you how to effectively manage an online team.

Prepare to ascend the ranks of digital greatness with this comprehensive package – because every empire needs a solid foundation!

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